Thursday, 28 July 2011

Why Disney Princess always lose

Why Disney Princess always lose
Have you ever wondered why there are so many good beautiful women- pushing the wrong side of 30- who are still single while all the bitches bad girls are hooked by 25?. It's the Disney Princess attitude-a losing attitudesad smiley
   It's the mindset that there is someone out there for everyone and you should wait for a single man. That altruistic isht rarely works out in real life! 
So he's in a relationship, f*ck that!. If the other woman's got that on lock he shouldn't be testing the waters! 

The only men that should be off limits are married men and your friend's boo. All other men should be fair game. It's about putting your sexy forward-making it feel like what he's currently getting is a Toyota while you're a Lamborghini

So quit being an audience member; be the star of your own show and let your ish be top draw.
Remember, This is Sparta, don't be afraid to kick the competition to the kerb(or ditch)

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