Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Why Abramovich should pull that trigger of infamy now!!

Why Abramovich should pull that trigger of infamy now!!

Check out Rafa Benitez's rant yesterday

Abramovich should 'pull that Trigger' now

It's called 'Mercy Killing'

I actually welcomed Rafa's rant because for the first time since he arrived, he dispensed with the bullsh*t and said what he really thinks. He’s said he’s going – no more crap about trying to stay on. He admitted that the fans got to him – of course they did – it was complete crap to pretend otherwise, it would get to anyone. He even took a pop at the Board– great stuff! Someone needed to!!
All in all this was a clearing of the air and a good day for CFC

The only thing wrong was that he refused to bring a mirror into his own house!!

Rafa's record at Chelsea:
Won 14, drawn 7 and lost 6. Decent for a midtable club, unacceptable for a top club chasing the major honours. I have chronicled some of the poor results in the Pictoframe. Chelsea was 4 points behind the league leaders when he took over, we're 19 points behind them at this stage!!

1. If Rafa bothered to take the time to analyse the situation, he'd find it easy to deduce that the reason most fans dislike him is because he has shown no remorse for insulting them in the past. He claimed he was only doing his job (at Liverpool) at the time. Pray, how does insulting an opponent's fanbase in any way improve your current squad?

We'll never know how a simple apology to the fans, when he was hired, would have helped his cause

2. He has zero tactical nous. Basically, he is a two-bit Chancer still living on his Valencia tactically astute glory days!!
You need to pick a formation, lineup, and strategy based on the players available, opponent, and the required result. Another manager would surely understand how to make in-game adjustments and use subs appropriately. NOT RAFA!! Out thought by Corinthians, a very average West Ham, a pesky Southampton, bottom of the table QPR and Reading, effeminate against Newscastle and well-beaten by Man City

Blaming only the fans for the inconsistent displays of the team is untenable. You don't wallop Villa 8-0 at home and lose to QPR at the same venue. This Gaffer is tactically deficient!!! (Cue the Rafa-Inter Milan debacle)

Obviously, Rafa is a victim too -as it's not his fault that he was hired by Chelsea.

This, the stupidity of the hire, is on the Board. The Board should also take the blame for: the poor treatment of RDM ( i don't think Abramovich gets good advice from the lot. The Boss is passionate about Chelsea!!) selling Meirelles, loaning Essien and Lukaku (with such a thin squad), prosecuting a season where you're challenging for Trophies on many fronts with that Joke (Torres) as your only striker.

So Abramovich needs to sack majority of his Chelsea boardroom, surround himself with real 'football people' (like what obtains at Bayern) before hiring a new manager- who should be given time to build his own team

I'm sorry but Bruce Buck, Eugene Tenenbaum, Ron Gourlay, David Barnard, Mike Forde and Director of football- Mike Emenalo all have to go. I learnt from the Grapevine that the Nigerian recommended Rafa to the Boss!!
This season can't get worse for Chelsea, or can it?

Abramovich should do the right thing now, otherwise Chelsea may not qualify for the CL next season


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