Friday, 23 March 2012

Femcees to watch out for-Iggy Azalea vs Azealea Banks

Femcees to watch out for-Iggy Azalea  vs Azealea Banks

I present 2 female Rappers to watch out for this year. Believe it or not they have similar-sounding names!
Unfortunately it appears that there is beef between them!sad smiley Which is exactly what female Rappers don't need right out. Remember Nicki Minaj/ Lil Kim beef?

Iggy Azalea ( real name-Amethyst Kelly ) is an Australian songwriter and rapper. She started rapping at 14 in Australia. My World went viral on Youtube late last year. This is one white girl who can spit rap lyrics!sunglasses smiley Her debut album-The New Classic drops in June this year-widely anticipated


Azealia Banks is an American Rapper and lyricist whose debut single, 212, was a monster hit particularly on Youtube sunglasses smiley. Her upcoming video album, Broke With Expensive Taste, is also eagerly anticipated

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