Friday, 12 August 2011

Otis-are you feelin' the Hov/Yeezy collabo?

Otis-are you feelin' the Hov/Yeezy collabo?
I've been wondering what people think of the recent collaboration between Jay Z and Kanye West? Personally, they don't do it for me as a partnership. I've listened to the tracks in their Watch the Throne word-Overhyped!hand smiley We ain't watching this ridiculous throne!! :)
Viewing the Otis video left me scratching my head-what's the point? Too much swag and ego-I felt like one was trying to outdo the other :( And the song......forgettable!! . Hear Kanye at the tail end of the song.... 'Lord, please let them accept the things they can’t change'  How Cryptic!! :D
 Let's just say that if Watch the Throne and this 'collabo' were humans, we might cry if they died but we wouldn’t be front row at the funeral! :D. Enough said :)

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