Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dog Day Afternoon-'Kiss me...'

Dog Day Afternoon-'Kiss me...'
Dog Day Afternoon(1975) 'Kiss me, when I'm being f*cked I like to get kissed..' laughing smiley Bank Robber- Sonny Wortzik's(Al Pacino) sarcastic sexual quote-showing his disdain for the way Det. Sgt. Eugene Moretti (Charles Durning) was trying to con him into surrendering. This bank-robbery-gone-wrong drama based on a true life story was critically acclaimed-winning one Oscar(best original screen play). 
This particular scene was memorable for the way Sonny turned a hopeless situation around(temporarily)-even managing to garner public sympathy with his chant of Attica. Pacino's performance and quotes were pure joy! sunglasses smiley
He was nominated by the Oscars for best actor but lost to Jack Nicholson(One flew over the cuckoo's nest)-he won a BAFTA that year though and his performance as Sonny was cited by Premiere magazine(2006) as the 4th greatest ever.

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