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Of MBGN, Iheoma Nnadi, Beauty & the Dark Skin

Of MBGN, Iheoma Nnadi, Beauty & the Dark Skin

Congrats to Iheoma Nnadi, Miss Akwa Ibom for winning the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria ( MBGN) Pageant a few days ago

Now to the more pertinent stuff:

MamaMia wrote: "..if we wanna take the Miss World/Universe crown at some point, this light skinned trend needs to be minimised. Do we wonder why after Agbani we’ve not been able to make it pass the 1st stage? Well, that’s the answer! ( referring to the winner, Iheoma Nnadi)

While she is gorgeous, the outside world are all about being unique/distinct

The look right there is common; every pretty girl looks like her.

Also, if we notice the Angolan winner ( Miss Universe 2011) kinda had a similar look to Agbani as well. Give 'em what they want!"

Can't agree with MamaMia more!!

Iheoma Nnadi: MBGN 2014 ( pixs 1&2)

Leila Lopes: Miss Angola 2011, Miss Universe 2011( pix 3 & 4)

Agbani Darego: MBGN 2001, Miss World 2001 ( pix 5 &6 )

Pixs 3,4,5 & 6 are what the outside world ( Whites! ) want a Black beauty queen to look like. This is what they accept. This is what flawless beauty means to them; this is why they both won the international Pageants

Lupita N'yongo - Oscar - best supporting actress ( pix 7) - Whites are fascinated with her flawless beauty & intelligence. ( the way they are with Agbani Darego & Leila Lopes)

They want to own her( it's almost like a fetish. It's not a bad thing for them to want to own her. The tragedy is actually allowing it to happen). Check out this article:link

So why do we keep crowning these 'yellow pawpaws' as our beauty queens when we are a black African country?

The answer is: Colorism!

-it is a practice of discrimination by which those with lighter skin are treated more favorably than those with darker skin

The white man who colonised us also colonised our culture.

That cultural colonisation has created a sense of beauty, identity and superiority that is White. People thought the Colonisers were superior. So you aspire to be them.

This leads to a tendency to prefer everything White- including skin colour

( it's not peculiar to blacks; even Latinas & dark Asians are affected)

Cue the popularity of bleaching & all forms of 'toning' creams

I urge you all to watch this documentary on YouTube to understand how bad this issue is: 'Dark Girl' (part 1 is below)

The last 2 candidates in the picture frame are the ones that should be winning MBGN or Miss Nigeria pageant -for the reasons above. ( obviously they've got to be intelligent and articulate too. Nobody wants to put a 'thick' person forward as a country's ambassador-no matter how beautiful they are ):

Miss Katsina- Adesola Adeyemi contestant MBGN 2014 ( pix 8)

Miss Kogi- Erica Nlewedim contestant MBGN 2014 ( pix 9 )




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