Monday, 3 June 2013

Mourinho and Chelsea Reunited

Mourinho and Chelsea Reunited

Pix1- The Dream Team reunited

Pix2- The Real Dojo!!
Jose Mourinho: Chelsea won 70.8% of their PL games with Mourinho in charge between 2004 and 2007. The best in the division for any Manager with 20+ games. The King of Kings Road is back!!


So the Manchester clubs want to take England?

Mourinho-No way man. I’m back!! This is Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@NikNimbus11 wrote:

"This is an emotional moment for me.
I have been following the blues since '08.

For me Jose Mourinho was a mythological character , a ghost , I could feel him , his presence all around the club but I couldn’t see him.

So many time I've read/ heard / seen people telling me about the era. The special era.

I guess I am lucky enough , privileged and honoured that i ll be able to witness this new special era .

Thanks Roman, I forgive you . I love you"


4 more years!, 4 more years!, 4 more years!, 4 more years!

4 more years!, 4 more years!, 4 more years!,4 more years!

4 more years!


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