Monday, 25 January 2016

The Japanese Vaginal Stick

The Japanese vaginal stick
This article fascinates me because:
1. of my OB-GYN background
2. of it's play with words

''....Inserting things into vaginas to make them “tighter” isn’t so unusual. The belief stems from a practice to “dry out” the vagina—which seems, uh, not fun? The theory goes that a dry, non-lubricated vagina results in painful penetration and spasms, which will “tighten the vaginal opening.”
In fact, according to a PLOS One study, women have inserted everything from herbs, bleach, and even pulverized rock in their vaginas.
All in an effort to obtain the holy grail of vaginas: the dry, sandy, vagina. Yikes!! 
gasp emoticon grin emotof vaginas: the dry, sandy, vagina. Yikes!! gasp emoticon
A vagina full of pulverized rock you say? It gives “dry-humping” a whole new meaning. smile emoticon
If you are really worried about a loose vagina, go for Kegel exercises instead:Kegel  
The conclusion:
“Vaginas should be wet and they should stretch. That’s part of what makes them fun. (spoken like an OB-GYN smile emoticon ) So please don’t get the Japanese vagina stick

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