Saturday, 3 January 2015

Top Five verdict: Smooth

Top Five Verdict: Smooth


Just seen this comedy flick

Chris Rock plays a comedian striving to become a 'serious' actor, while Rosario Dawson plays an intelligent and beautiful journalist- who's trying to write a story about his career

Their on-screen chemistry was obvious!! *phew* ( check out the pixs)

The flick is funny, intelligently crafted and critics have rated it as Rock's best work to date.

I can't agree more!

....The background songs, the crazy cameos by an array of stars, the play with the Prince Charming/Cinderella and lost shoe story....I loved it all!

The 'Sleaze' - it is believed that Rosario Dawson is going out with Chris Rock now, and this might have contributed to his recent divorce from wife of nearly 19 years, Malaak Compton ( pix 4)

(The couple had been having issues for a long time and had separated before though)



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