Monday, 1 April 2013

Contemporary Nigerian Music Artistes: Two bit Chancers, the lot

Contemporary Nigerian Music Artistes: Two bit Chancers, the lot

Listening to some so-called 'Top Ten Chart' Nigerian music recently and to say that I was appalled is putting it mildly!! The beats (quite a few are danceable, admittedly) are so similar that you'd think it's the same Artiste singing in most of the songs. Where is the originality?

There is a shocking lack of content in the lyrics. You've got to ask yourself if most of these would stand the test of time.

(Plus you have no right to be looking so suave and debonair in your pix if your music game sucks. Just saying!!)

Anyway, what's my own? I guess so many of these Two-bit Chancers are successful 'cos they give the audience what they want. It's just soul-destroying when you think about the audience that actually prefers this now.

Or may be I'm too Westernised or getting too old!!


P Square-Magical Healing-Where are my crazy ladies

Where una dey because I’m ready

Get the vibe and don’t be lazy

For tonight I’m going crazy (so crazy)

(*Somebody pass me the sick bucket*)

Dbanj- Top of the world: "You only have one life to live

If you lucky then

You might get two"

(For real!?! *giving you the side eye*)

Iyanya ft Wiz Kid- Sexy Mama: "Sexy mama

Oya ka jo mama

Ki ya masa mama

Oya ka jo mama"

(*Knock me over with a feather*)

Danny Young ft Olamide- Omo Lepa- O ti ko si kpenkpe. Give it to me omo daddy, give it to me omo Mummy

(*Cheesy with a capital C*)

Iyanya - Flavour -Baby this your booty na confirm o

Lemme see you whine it to the ground o

I like the way you dey buga, Omoge what’s your flavour

(*Someone make it stop*)

Tiwa Savage ft Don Jazzy- "Without my heart

Couple of drinks in me, feeling a little tipsy....don't leave without my heart"

(Tiwa is actually talented but including the croaky- voiced Don Jazzy in this!!!.....*I.Just.Can't*)

Davido- Gobe: "Girl your behind is a killer

I can see you’re sensual

See gobe, Omo see gobe"

(At least we know what Gobe means now! *weeps for humanity*)

Olamide ft Samklef-Stupid Love: "she carry front, she carry back, she's too packaged I can't leave her, she's one of the reason I get liver"

(*I. Am. Speechless*)

NB- I have the earlier(much better) works of some of the Artistes mentioned above on my MP3 player. They have just not taken their ish to the next level. That's.A.Shame

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