Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ancelotti-Sacked in the tunnel

Ancelotti-Sacked in the tunnel

Yes, it is no longer a secret that he got the news of the sack, from the Chelsea Chief Executive, in the Goodison Park tunnel following his post match press conference!. It's a shame that his time in Chelsea had to end in this way but, hey!- Sh*t happens.
 If you are elevated there comes a day when you are demoted.-Alan Clark

Do I pity him? No I don't. These are some of the reasons why:

He is paid well-To whom much is given, much is expected. With a £6million-a-year salary (only Capello earns more as a Manager in England) more was expected from him. 

Chelsea is not Arsenal- I often wonder how Wenger has kept his job till now. Lucky him!. We've got a ruthless Russian in charge at the Blues.Winning means everything to him( and that is not such a bad thing, by the way!) .Don't let that casual dress-down look on march day fool you!. You don't become a billionaire by adopting the jelenke (easy-going) approach to issues.

He lost the dressing room- cardinal sin if you're a manager. His selections suggest this. Theuntouchables always get to play even if they continually underperform( think Lampard) while thefringe players are dropped for something as little as having a poor 45 minutes(think David Luiz-vs ManU at old Trafford). Young players rarely get a look in(think Sturridge before his loan move to Bolton).This can only mean that he was too much of a nice guy to ruffle overrated feathers or he let the so-called senior players dictate team selections-bad move!. You don't have this mentality while your boss is a certain Roman A.!.

No plan B-He was outthought, outfoxed, outmanoeuvred by the oposition gaffer in too many games this season. He simply had no plan B(think the 0-3 home loss to Sunderland!, the loss to Everton at home in the FA cup) This should not be in the character of  a top class manager paid megabucks

Failing to deliver the 'holy Grail'- The Champions league- Preferisco La Coppa ("I prefer the cup") –Ancellotti said these were the words of Abramovich to him after their secret meeting in 2008-long before he was hired. It is an open secret that Abramovich is obsessed with winning the Champions league. Ancelotti failed in delivering the' big one'.Infact, he failed in delivering anything this season.The double he won last season seems so long ago now!.  Life's a b*tch :(
If your pikin fail, no be repeat he go repeat?-words alledgedly uttered by Sir Gabriel Igbinedion-when asked about his son's (Lucky )underperformance. Unfortunately, Abramovich doesn't share this ideology. He is not a Nigerian! :)

You can argue that the players let him down too. However he has to carry the can as he calls the shots.Ancelotti's performance this season can be summarised as follows:  a lot of ugly, too much bad and not enough good. Hence he had to go.
So, arrivederci Ancelotti!. Hasta la vista, Carlo!

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